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Your FileMaker Server is down!
Relax. We got you covered!

“Monitor Pro for FileMaker®” tells you in REAL TIME when your FileMaker Server or Database is down! All straight from your phone.

App Features

What's my FM server status?
This is the only App on the market that can check if a FileMaker Server
or database is up or down without the need to log in to “FileMaker Go”
or your Server Admin Console. No need for any of that.

A life saver!

“Who doesn’t check their databases or server constantly throughout the day?” – Frank Thornden, Tampa Tribune.

Check Server Status

See the real time status of up to 1 server and 1 database instantly.
Add more servers/databases for an extra fee.

The Epitomy of Simple

Easy to use, simple design without needless bells or whistles. Just the facts. Are your selected servers/databases up or down?

Push Notification:
“Server is Down”

Receive an email or push notification the second your FileMaker Server or database goes down! Whoa! Available as an optional In-App purchase.

How it works

Included in the App
1) Launch the “Monitor Pro for FileMaker” app
2) See the real time status of [up to] 1 server or 1 database instantly

Optional In App Purchase — Add Servers & Databases
Add status checks for additional databases and servers you wish to monitor.
1) Go to Dashboard > Store and add additional servers or databases.
2) See the real time status of the servers/databases just added.

Optional In App Purchase — “Server 911 Alert”
Subscribe to the lifesaving “Server 911 Alert” to receive an immediate email or push notification the second any of your subscribed servers or databases are down.
1) Go to Dashboard > Store and purchase your preferred subscription plan.
2) See the real time status of all servers/databases you subscribed at any time.
3) Receive alerts via email or push notification the second any of them are down.

Instructions to set up your FileMaker Server
or FM Database and start using the App


24/7 FMS Monitoring!

Choose to monitor all your FileMaker servers and databases through the “Monitor Pro for FileMaker” App, or choose to cover all your bases and subscribe to our “Server 911 Alert”.

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Frequently asked questions

Ask away. We are friendly. Email us at

How does “Monitor Pro for FileMaker” tell me the status of my servers and databases?

Easy. Just launch the App and see the real time status of your server/databases.

How many FM servers and FM databases are included in this App?

The App includes status checks for 1 FM server and 1 databases. But you may add an unlimited number of servers and databases. Just go to the Store screen of the App and purchase additional ones for a minimal fee.

Do I need to log into my FM Server console?

No! That is the whole point! When you 1st sign up you will enter all your server login info for each Server or database, but that is a one time thing. From that point on “Monitor Pro for FileMaker” will give you real time status updates without you having to ever log in.

How often does the App check the server for an updated status?

Often! Every 10 minutes.

How many FM servers and FM databases can the App monitor?

An unlimited amount! It all depends on how many you subscribe to in addition to the 1 server and 1 database included in the initial App purchase.

What is the difference between the App and the “Server 911 Alert” Service?

Simple. The App is “on demand” meaning that in order to get a status update of your servers and databases you must launch the App and see the update. However, with the “Server 911 Alert” there is no need to launch the App or check anything at all — the App will SEND YOU the status updates via email or push notification, so you don’t even have to check.


Download it now

No need to log in to your FM sever or FileMaker Go.
Our App will update you if there's an FMS emergency.
Enjoy your weekend!


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In our industry a FM database down means business is down.
Now with this App and its alerts we can take immediate action.
Barry Kowitt, Unger & Kowitt Traffic Law

I am a FileMaker developer and have numerous FM databases. This App removes the nightmare of me having to log in 1,000 times/day to check them! With the Server 911 Alert service I don't even have to check my server as the App sends me a message ANYTIME that a database or any of the servers are down.
Mario Humpfrey, Houston, TX

This app sends me an email whenever the FMS is down. It does the work. I don't have to check for the server status any more. Do you know the freedom this gives me?
Jamie Invented, Strategic Media, Inc.

We can now check the status of our FileMaker server and databases without any hassle.
This has brought us tremendous piece of mind.
Ronnie Lynn-Smith, Strategic Media, Inc.

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